Friday, 22 June 2012

beauty secrets of Miranda Kerr

Miranda Kerr on 4million to earn this year, Victoria's Secret supermodel turned nice in a business plan. But all is not lost! For us ordinary mortals, Miranda has shared some of her beauty secrets ... and not all are as luxurious as you might think ...

"To my skin under control, I always eat lots of green and take chlorella supplements and drink lots of water"

The powerful combination of important nutrients in chlorella also help to detoxify and cleanse the skin and body, and also improve energy, sleep, hair and nails to prevent cracks and ridges. Sun Chlorella 'A' consists of a whopping 60% pure vegetable proteins, with a unique component called Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF), the growth and repair of cells and tissues in our body stimulates cooperate with antioxidant vitamin A to anti-aging benefits to your complexion.


Valerie said...

So Miranda Kerr and I have something in common? yay! lol. I've also been taking chlorella supplement, not just to detoxify my body but also to boost my immune system. I'm really glad my doctor recommended this super food to me because I really feel its great effects on my health.

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