Thursday, 21 June 2012

French Beauty Secrets

  • If you have small upper eyelids, avoid dark eyeshadow. It will make your eyes look even smaller. Only a single light eyeshadow (try shiny silver) is applied to your eyebrows will do the trick. A very thin black line across the base of your upper lashes even more fun to eyes.
  •  If you freckled skin, massaging your face with olive oil and lemon juice. And use a scrub and gently but firmly to clean your face in circular motion. Avoid thick foundations.
  •  French manicure is not just white. You can now enjoy your passion for pastels and paint the tip of your nails in soft pink, lilac and baby blue. Maybe even pure metallic. What the rest of the nail, a pure coating in the same color is what is recommended.
  •   The shape of the nail is not a square or oval. The form that captured the imagination of the fashion gurus is "Squoval '- rather long, with square corners and roundabouts!
  •   The color of the millennium for your lips, eyes and nails range from silver lilac to dark purple, with icy pink to even heavy bronze shiny green. In case, if you have not caught, the thrust is on 'glitter'.
  •    Tweeze your eyebrows after a bath. Or take a warm cloth before you do. This will cause the hair follicles and reduce pain. Do not forget your eyebrows' natural shape and taper gradually to follow.
  •   To avoid eye movement while applying mascara, look up and then stretch eye by pressing the eyebrow with a finger. Look down and put mascara on the lashes.
  •   If you have dry skin, avoid moisturizers immediately before applying makeup. Bring at least two hours before.
  •   Never use a dry sponge to dab the face. Moisten before use.
  •   Control your urge to powder to make your shiny nose. It will ruin your powder compact kit. Instead, use of a tissue paper, and the first absorb the oil. You can even use tissues. Dab the fat areas with a single layer of fabric. Note that no smudging or smearing.
  •   Dust shimmer powder along collarbone with a large brush. When wearing a short skirt, dust the powder on your knees, so that catches the light and draw attention to your legs. Wipe some on your shoulders when wearing a low cut blouse. But make sure the color is not drastically different than your skin tone.


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