Monday, 25 June 2012

Russian Beauty Secrets

Western men usually describe Russian women so beautiful nymphs. It is impossible to the eyes from them, they say. They can not oppose this striking beauty and agree with the opinion that the Russian women are the prettiest ladies that they had ever seen.

It is widely believed but wrong that typical Russian woman blond hair, fair skin and blue or green eyes. In fact, many Russian women have dark hair and brown eyes. There are many people living on Russian territory and as a result of genetic factor in modern Russian women have such different looks. Russian lady looks healthy enough. The majority of Russian women have a beautiful physique.
Another secret of the Russian beauty is makeup. Russian women are much more cosmetic than European women. As in Europe or the United States European women appear in public places with no makeup, but in Russia it is very rare phenomenon. Many women make up themselves, even if they are just going to take the trash out of the house.

Attractive European women often try to find himself. Russian women vice versa to arrive at the decision to look attractive for men. In reality, Russian women are more available than men (88 men for 100 women), and that is why women make sure in fact they should attract the attention of men, so they should look excellent.

Russian women enjoy dressing as feminine as possible. In addition, many Russian women take pleasure in making their own dresses. Russian lady has her own makeup artist, stylist, beautician, dietician and personal trainer. By these little secrets, many men believe that Russian women are more beautiful than the European. It is a great honor to their work, is not it?


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