Monday, 18 June 2012

Best Acne Treatments

There  are some simple tips on how  to prevent acne scars:

1. Start treatment of acne as soon as acne marks appear.

This is the simplest and most effective way to prevent acne scars. Do not wait until the period when acne marks are large and painful. You should see a dermatologist immediately and avoid all these problems.

2. Try to avoid inflammation of acne.

Inflamed areas of the skin tend to have acne scars more than non-inflammatory lesions. Do not use too many irritate the skin (for example, by aggressive washing)

3. Avoid picking or popping acne squizzing.

All these "treatments" can only spread infection, damage to your skin, cause inflammation and can lead to irremoveable acne scars.

4. Make sure you are prone to acne scars or not.

Some people are more inclined to appearance of acne scarring than others. Do this when you visit your doctor next.

5. Mandatory see a doctor if your pimples are large.

The most serious forms of acne (such as nodules and cysts) tend to produce acne scars. These forms of acne can not be cured at home so you need a professional dermatologist to help you solve these problems, unpleasant to visit.


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