Friday, 8 April 2011

Open Kitchen Interior Design

When you build your home, you have the option of either a closed kitchen or an open one. As seen in the picture here, the open kitchen flows out of the drawing room and further leads out into the rest of the house. The idea here is that people using the kitchen need not feel cut off from the rest of the house or the activities. The beauty of it is you can have a large group of people milling around and flowing in and out of the kitchen and still not miss any fun of the party. Spilling over from the sitting room and being within easy reach of the kitchen is perfect for a close knit gathering. It lends an informal air to the social activity. At other times, when it is just the family, one can still be able to oversee children in the other room and be involved in the conversation.  This kitchen has two high chairs if your children want to do their homework.
An open kitchen is very in these days. Families also prefer to have a small dining table near the kitchen where everybody can have food together. Indeed, an ideal way to bring everyone in the family closer to each other.


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