Friday, 22 June 2012

African Beauty Secrets

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but a woman's ethnic and racial heritage also plays a role. African beauty is unique and make the most African beauty requires special attention.

Skin tones are vital. All women know that certain colors of their skin and personal color scheme, flatter, while others do not. Since the color palette and the skin tone range for women of color varies from light coffee tones to dark tones, it is important to choose the right base. Many African women and people of African heritage can choose a honey or golden basic foundation. People with dark skin will find that a richer, deeper mauve or plum foundation best suits their beauty. Some women will find that it can be two different shades of foundation to blend with their skin to take, because some women may have their faces light and dark areas.

African beauty also requires the use of sunscreen and moisturizers. Like all women, each experiment to the right products that work well with their own skin, but a good sunscreen is essential for anyone spending time outdoors to find.

Once a flattering base color is chosen, enhancing natural beauty is lipstick, eyeshadow and much more. Lighter lipstick tends to enlarge and reduce wider lips, while bright colors like red and hot pink attract attention, but can sometimes appear to increase lip. Shades that most often work for a large number of women among other berries, bronze, purple and terra cotta earth tones. Bright, vibrant colors such as blue, green, rich, royal purple and even pink also work well for most African beauties. "

The sky is the limit when it comes to eyeshadow. Almost every shade works well with an African background. More natural look achieved with brown, earth tones, deep greens, and metallic shades like gold, copper or silver.

Blush is not always a need for beauty African beauty but those who desire to add a little color to their cheeks would want to choose a plum, bronze, purple or wine color. Lighter skin African beauties can even look good with rose or pink tint.

When selecting cosmetics to enlarge African beauty, it is often wise to choose products aimed at this specific market niche. Cover Girl's "Queen Collection" products are specifically developed for African beauty, like the Black Opal products and Maybelline's "Shades of You".

Every woman should experiment with the products available for the right look to improve its own African beauty find. However, makeup and skin are only part of the overall look of African beauty.

Hair is another essential part of African beauty. Contrary to popular thinking, most African or black hair is fine and fragile like most naturally curly hair. African its attenuated after a period of time, with the commercial hair relaxers, and other hair treatments.

To the African beauty and to keep her at his best, the choice of the comb and the brush are very important. The best choice is a comb tooth comb, which moves easily through the hair without damaging it can be so narrow teeth comb. If a brush needed - many African women have little need for a brush - it must be made of natural boar bristles.

Use non-greasy oil that moisturize hair. The best oils for African hair its natural modes including jojoba, shea butter and olive oil. Shampoos and conditioners to make use of these types of oils are readily available. Avoid using hair gel and mousse, because both products tend to dry hair for African women instead of improving it.

Have a qualified professional in a salon cut hair and do any style. The right cut and styling can be a great difference because African hair styling differs from conventional methods. Treat the hair monthly with a moisturizing treatment, use moisturizing shampoo like Pantene, and sleeping with a silk scarf over her for the best results.

African beauty is enhanced by the use of products designed to enhance this beauty. A little experimentation to find the right combination can make any woman of African beauty more beautiful!


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