Friday, 6 July 2012

Beauty Tips For Hair

Would you look trendy and attractive? Wear beautiful hair. Find important tips to keep your hair shiny and healthy.

1) Food Habit: It is the most important aspect for the health of the hair. Take green vegetables, fresh fruit and juice. Choose milk and fresh dairy yogurt. Try pieces of coconut in food, in salads and meals. Make excuses for processed foods and canned items.

2) Stress: Stress is an antagonist of the natural hair color and health. Welcome to relaxation techniques like meditation or music therapy.

3) Natural Product Avoid synthetically produced products and instead use natural or herbal products. Take shampoo at least three times a week. Use natural cleanser and conditioner. Use fresh lemon juice for extra shine to the hair. Coconut oil is a positive alternative.

4) Oil Message: Massage with warm oil at least 2-3 times per week. It helps to hydrate the scalp. Use coconut oil or almond oil and make use of the fingers for massaging the scalp, and at least one hour before the shampoo session. Scalp massage helps to relax and get a good amount of sleep as well. People may have gained by massaging mustard oil for hair thickening.

5) Brushing: Using comb on wet hair is strictly prohibited. Use long toothed comb to her clear-confuse. It is better to use in place wooden combs. Try deep conditioning treatment on your hair once a week.

6) Scalp: You need to keep the scalp in an excellent condition. Use circular motion during shampoo and massaging the scalp. Healthy circulation generates a feeling of relaxation. Use lukewarm water for shampoo. Avoid blow drying the hair. If you need special hair styling, use it for a little while, and with herbal moisturizer. Oily scalp keeps dirt and dust. Use natural conditioner on the hair tips. Use water-based conditioner for weak hair. You can use vinegar and water use as the hair is dry. Avoid tying the hair tightly, but stretches the hair too much.

Beauty Advice

Everyone wants to be beautiful, and that is why a lot of money in the beauty industry, but true beauty is cheap or even free. If you take good care of yourself by making smart choices every day, you will naturally be your best. Follow these simple, common sense, free tips for your most natural self to be.

If you are sexually active, make the most of it! A happy, healthy sex life is good for body and mind. The affirmation that comes from a positive, guilt-free sex gives you a natural glow. Pragmatically speaking, sex burns calories and increases endorphins making you generally healthier and more beautiful.

Get at least 15 minutes to half an hour of light to moderate exercise every day. Do a more intensive training two or three times a week. Regular exercise keeps your body nice and fit, improve circulation and help you look your best all over.

Make sure you regularly and deeply laugh! Laughter is indeed an excellent way, and laughter increases levels of endorphins and relieves your mind. Share happy times with friends, watch funny movies and television programs and just generally enjoy bringing your natural beauty.

Let the sunshine in! Although it is popular these days to believe that you should never be touched by a ray of sunshine for fear of cancer, the fact is that we need some sunshine. Take a walk outside for 10 or 15 minutes per day sitting at a sunny window, enjoy your morning coffee or tea in a sunny spot. Sensible sun exposure is good for you and will help you to an exalted mood, healthy color and radiance.

Enjoy grapes and grape juice every day. Although the popular to believe that drinking a glass of wine a day is a good thing to do, it is a fact of the benefits of wine from the grapes not the alcohol. By drinking a glass of grape juice or grape enjoy every day, you get a good dose of resveratrol. This is a substance that fight signs of aging helps, improves heart health and keep you looking your best.

Stay well hydrated with plenty of fresh, pure filtered water. Remember that the human body is more than 70% water and we need to drink lots of water for glowing skin, sparkling eyes, smart brains and bones and joints that are free of pain. Refrain from soda and other sugary drinks and unhealthy in favor of pure filtered water. Add a twist of lemon or lime for zing and a touch of vitamin C.

Avoid unnecessary medications. Keep yourself healthy with a balanced, natural whole food diet. If you eat well and of course, you probably will not for minor ailments such as allergies, colds, occasional sleeplessness and so experienced, and you'll have little need over the counter medications have. Keeping your body free of chemical additives will help you look your best at all times.

By following the advice offered here, you will improve your overall health and wellbeing, and therefore your appearance. The best thing about these tips is that they cost nothing. You need to eat and drink and move about every day, so make smart choices when you do your very best face forward.

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Kim Kardashian Beauty Secrets

In  the shot, is Kim Kardashian, 31,  seen with a kind of yellow-based primer smeared over her otherwise make-up;  face.
The reality star posted a picture with the caption: "@ Glam Ming with 1maryphillips! A bit confused by her new technique, but I know it will be fab!"
Celebrity makeup artist Mary Phillips has Kim Kardashian, Jessica Simpson, Jennifer Lopez and Salma Hayek among its famous customers.
She had her makeup done prior to attending the Jeep Brand and USA Basketball celebration of the launch of the 2012 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Height at LA Center Studios.
Although it is not clear exactly what product was used on the face of Kim Kardashian's, was a kind of color correcting primer.
Yellow colored primer is generally used for circles under the eyes and soft red tones to conceal the face.
Despite the fact that Kim Kardashian has long been an advocate of experimenting with makeup makeup she has also exempted in the past - describing the experience as "empowerment.
The reality star said: "Makeup is fun, but it's just another accessory.
"Posing makeup free real empowerment. Why not tell people what I really look like?
"I'm happy with myself, and this is who I am.
"As much as it is fun to glam up, it is important to be comfortable in your own skin -. With or without makeup"

Homemade Beauty Secrets

That may sound more efficient than  anything effective to  spread on your face that you can pack for lunch, but  there are many reasons why  Whipping up a homemade  beauty recipe is smarter than splurging on a store-bought product.

Much of what store-bought products as expensive packaging, says Janice Cox, author of Natural Beauty at Home. According to Cox, three worth of ingredients from the supermarket can be a do-treatment with the same effect as a $ 300 professional facial. (She told us that simple yogurt mixed with fresh fruit in a facial treatment works and a $ 34 Guinot exfoliating mask.) For more homemade beauty recipes, Helena Van Zandbergen, a celebrity stylist who everywhere has worked for start and landing strips for reality shows see, Pioneer recommends thinking.
Besides being cheap, everything you get home (unless you're a chemist) are 100% natural. The fact that no products homemade ingredients you can not pronounce include is especially good news for anyone with sensitive skin, people who want to go completely green, and those concerned about animal testing. Moreover, the recipes time tested and proven effective. Jorge Malo of the handmade beauty care line Fasanis joked: "There is a reason that mud Cleopatra used her face and body back in the day."

Demi Moore Beauty Secrets

Demi Moore appeared on the David Letterman show, promoting her new film Flawless, the other night. She surprised everyone with her admission of the ancient healing using secretions of the leech therapy. The 46-year-old admitted to visiting Austria to participate in a detox treatment that your body is covered with leeches entails. Demi said: "I was in Austria doing a cleansing and a part of the treatment was leech therapy. These are not just swamp leeches though - we're talking about highly trained medical leeches.
She said that your body ready for the leeches by shaving and bathing in turpentine.
     "They have a little enzyme that when they bite you it is released into your blood and generally you bleed for many - and your health is optimized. It detoxifies your blood - I'm feeling very detoxified right now. I did in the house until a woman on her bed. We have just a little sampler, in the navel. It crawls in and you feel the bite on you and you want to go, "You bastard." Then you relax and work on Lemaze your breathing just to kind of relax. You watch it swell up on your blood, watching it get fatter and fatter -. Then when the super drunk with the blood it just kind of rolls over like stumbling out of the bar "
Really, I'm not making this stuff up. Demi admitted that she can not wait to get back to visit Austria for a second session. She had only four leeches the first time and felt a bit cheated (not sarcastic, that's what she said).
Wow I often suspect things like this was going on, but I think of you, her determination to do what is necessary to keep young admire? She is probably one of the most driven people on the planet. And I think as a younger man Ashton just fuels her drive. Personally I am sticking to only look in the mirror in dark rooms and of course the goats blood.

Jennifer Aniston Beauty Secrets

Jennifer  Aniston is not only dependent on expensive creams  and serums too expensive to  maintain her youthful  skin.
Jennifer, 43, keeps wrinkles at a distance using a tried and tested technique that will cost only £ 1!
Every night, Aniston softens trusted beauty standby Vaseline under each eye.
Aniston starts every morning with another easy - and free - technique for radiant skin.
In detail, Jennifer fills her sink with water and ice cubes and drop her face in it to the smaller pores and reduce puffiness around her eyes.
"Jen is not like the idea of surgery 
 want because they do not want to look tense, so they 
 has a 30-minute nightly beauty ritual," one insider said, "Now" magazine.
"Jen's very disciplined 
 when it comes to staying young.," The source added.
To be more specific, Jennifer begins her do it her face steamed pores for ten minutes.
She then applies a gentle cleanser and toner, followed by "Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion.
Then she gives herself a ten-minute facial massage for the skin cells to stimulate and help tighten her muscles, ending with "Dr. LeWinn's Ultra R4 Restorative Cream".
Jennifer is a vitamin A treatment of Anna Lotan called Renova, which she leaves for another 10 minutes, during which time they are vitamin E capsules smooth on her shins and elbows.
The final touch is the fourth of a teaspoon of Vaseline under each eye.
It may seem like an effort, but as the key to perfect skin is muscle instead of expensive products, maybe we should at least try the Aniston regime.

Jennifer Lopez Beauty Secrets

Jennifer Lopez could claim that she is still the same ol '"Jenny from the block," but those of us who are following the Boriqua beauty since her Fly Girl days know how much they changed. Nowhere is that clearer than in her fashion choices. At each stage of her career - and with each of its high-profile relationships - Lopez fashion philosophy has changed. With looks ranging from bandannas and bare belly exposed to scandalous Grammy gowns to glamorous show-stoppers like her 2009 Golden Globes dress, the Bronx native fashion portfolio is nothing but diverse.

 1. Step 1: Prepare

We have foundation, concealer and translucent powder to apply over the face to even out the skin before you begin with the J-Lo look.

2. Step 2: Bronzer

To give the skin a Mediterranean glow, apply bronzer on the cheeks, chin and forehead. Our model Jenny has light olive skin, so she has a mid-tone bronzer.

3. Step 3: Eyeshadow

Using a large brush to "airbrush" finish to create. Start your eye makeup with a pale, icy highlighter. Only those from the base of the lashes to brows with a brush. Flick excess makeup with a soft, angled brush.
Now apply a gold eye shadow right on top of the eyelid, getting right in the inner corners of each eye. The third color for the eyes is a rich peach, which should be applied in any power outlet with a soft brush blending, working from the inner corner and winging to the full shape of the eye to follow. Make sure you are not about the gold eyeshadow on the eyelids.

4. Step 4: Eyeliner

Now use a soft black eyeliner pencil and apply along the lash roots with lots of short strokes. Work from the inner corners outwards, and try to keep your eyes open when you do this.

Now curl the lashes to really open up the eyes. Make sure the lashes are clean and dry before you start. Get the curlers as close as you can to the roots of the lashes and keep them in place for about 5 seconds.

If you really want to emphasize the eyes, try applying false eyelashes. It may be necessary to hold the lashes against your eyes and cut them to fit. Apply glue to the base of the lashes, wait a few seconds for the glue to go tacky and place them as close to your lash line as possible.

5. Step 5: Eyebrows

While lashes are dry, fill the gaps in your eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil. The pencil should be similar or slightly lighter than your natural eyebrow color.

6. Step 6: Mascara

Next apply black mascara, eyelashes does the staff through the soil to avoid ruining the eyelid. Mascara should always be applied after the false eyelashes because it push your lashes on the falsies.

7. Step 7: Cheeks

Give cheeks a pink glow with a peach blush on the highest part of the cheekbone. Use a blusher brush and work in light, circular movements.

8. Step 8: Lips

Apply a peach lipstick on the upper lip with a lip brush. Use what's left on the brush to a lighter wash of color to the lip apply. Dab the lipstick on your lips with your fingers.

Finally, line the lips with a neutral brown lip pencil, being careful to follow the natural line of the lips to follow. If you want a stronger color, apply a second coat of lipstick and finish with a clear lip gloss, which will help lock the color in place.

Monday, 25 June 2012

Russian Beauty Secrets

Western men usually describe Russian women so beautiful nymphs. It is impossible to the eyes from them, they say. They can not oppose this striking beauty and agree with the opinion that the Russian women are the prettiest ladies that they had ever seen.

It is widely believed but wrong that typical Russian woman blond hair, fair skin and blue or green eyes. In fact, many Russian women have dark hair and brown eyes. There are many people living on Russian territory and as a result of genetic factor in modern Russian women have such different looks. Russian lady looks healthy enough. The majority of Russian women have a beautiful physique.
Another secret of the Russian beauty is makeup. Russian women are much more cosmetic than European women. As in Europe or the United States European women appear in public places with no makeup, but in Russia it is very rare phenomenon. Many women make up themselves, even if they are just going to take the trash out of the house.

Attractive European women often try to find himself. Russian women vice versa to arrive at the decision to look attractive for men. In reality, Russian women are more available than men (88 men for 100 women), and that is why women make sure in fact they should attract the attention of men, so they should look excellent.

Russian women enjoy dressing as feminine as possible. In addition, many Russian women take pleasure in making their own dresses. Russian lady has her own makeup artist, stylist, beautician, dietician and personal trainer. By these little secrets, many men believe that Russian women are more beautiful than the European. It is a great honor to their work, is not it?

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