Thursday, 28 June 2012

Homemade Beauty Secrets

That may sound more efficient than  anything effective to  spread on your face that you can pack for lunch, but  there are many reasons why  Whipping up a homemade  beauty recipe is smarter than splurging on a store-bought product.

Much of what store-bought products as expensive packaging, says Janice Cox, author of Natural Beauty at Home. According to Cox, three worth of ingredients from the supermarket can be a do-treatment with the same effect as a $ 300 professional facial. (She told us that simple yogurt mixed with fresh fruit in a facial treatment works and a $ 34 Guinot exfoliating mask.) For more homemade beauty recipes, Helena Van Zandbergen, a celebrity stylist who everywhere has worked for start and landing strips for reality shows see, Pioneer recommends thinking.
Besides being cheap, everything you get home (unless you're a chemist) are 100% natural. The fact that no products homemade ingredients you can not pronounce include is especially good news for anyone with sensitive skin, people who want to go completely green, and those concerned about animal testing. Moreover, the recipes time tested and proven effective. Jorge Malo of the handmade beauty care line Fasanis joked: "There is a reason that mud Cleopatra used her face and body back in the day."


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