Friday, 22 June 2012

African Shea Butter Beauty Secrets

Shea Butter is the pride of the women of the Sahel region, because it is the result of hard work and a source of revenue that contributes to their independence and emancipation. It is for this reason it is called 'The green gold for the women.

The Shea from Africa is extracted from the pit of a fruit that grows on the Magni Folia tree that starts to wear after about fifteen years in Central and West Africa. The pits are removed from the fruit, boiled and then dried Sun several days until they are fully dehydrated, and the butter is extracted by hand.

This amazing butter is one of the cheapest products on the Ghanaian market, so everyone takes it for granted. It is also used on newborn babies, according to the myths that Shea will help them relieve stress of the unknown world they came from.

The butter is also used in preparations in Africa. The healthy advantage comes mainly from the high content of unsaponifiable fatty acids (stearic acid and oleic acid). Shea butter is very thick and rich, so you do not use too much at once. Shea butter can also be used to moisturize dry hair.

Shea has a rich history. It is mentioned in almost all African historical documents, including a reference already in Cleopatra's Egypt, caravans with clay jars of Shea Butter for cosmetic calls it. Funeral beds of kings were carved in the wood of old Shea Trees, and Shea Butter has always been a staple of African pharmacology. Shea Butter is made from the pulp from the nut of the Mangifolia tree in Central Africa. This tree is also known as a tree and Shea Karite tree.

Shea Butter is used in many natural skin care products including body creams and hair conditioners. It contains vitamins A and E nourish the skin and help keep it healthy and vitamin F, which has a degree of protection against the elements offers.

As mentioned, the shortening and butter in Africa as a skin and hair treatment. In Europe, used by the food industry in chocolate, margarine, and confectionery because of the cheap and effective emulsifying properties.

Among the many advantages it is also a super thick emollient. Spray your hair with water or moisturizing product with a high water content. Shea is considered a "youth enhancer" and is treasured for centuries as a superior skin soother and moisturizer Beautifier. Body Butter is one of today's products on the market today that Shea butter to incorporate.

The production has become an important and sustainable village industry in Africa, a source of income, where it is much needed. Shea Butter is the best natural moisturizing secret. Shea Butter has been used for centuries for stretch marks, dry skin, cracked heels, lips, hair.


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