Monday, 25 June 2012

Hollywood Beauty Secrets

Everything was fair in "love and war '. But there is a twist in the age-old adage. With the technology of the award of the stick in all areas, now-a-days everything is fair looks in Photoshop from Adobe. And why not, after all use of the airbrush is the worst kept secret in the fashion and beauty industry.
So to the question mark, is a filmmaker shot a mock commercial advertising is a breakthrough formula to the way you've always dreamed of seeing - of Adobe Photoshop.

This mock spoof commercial that went viral on Monday cliché has 564,000 hits.

The video, shot by Jesse Rosten, has three models before and after photographs, while a voice-over lists the benefits of Photoshop like a beauty and slimming product, reported Daily Mail.

According to the website report, this two-minute clip also shows celebrities including Britney Spears and Keira Knightley, who have been subjected to the retouching for magazine covers.

The video focuses on the creative use of airbrush in recent years, the facial structures, skin color, hair color and improving models to improve figures.

The comment could references to cosmetic brand L'Oreal, which in the past comes under fire for allegedly 'whitewashing' Beyonce and Freida Pinto's skin to make, Daily Mail reported.

The voice-over video in Rosten's says: "Use this breakthrough formula for hair, skin color change, brighten eyes, whiten eyes - even before your race."
The female voice-over explains, "you no longer need to rely on a healthy body image or self-respect - now that is the power of Photoshop."

"Maybe she's born with it - no, I'm pretty sure it's Photoshop."

The video comes after the Advertising Standards Authority in the United Kingdom banned two ads, starring Julia Roberts and Christy Turlington, following complaints launched by Lib-Dem MP Jo Swinson, who claimed that airbrushing a false impression of the beauty creates.

According to the Daily Mail report, last year, a couple started a campaign for a bill that the digital retouching of models in magazines and advertisements would pass under control.

The move came after a study showed that 80 percent of women felt images of female stars and models in the media made them feel insecure about themselves.


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