Monday, 18 June 2012

Beauty Black Women

It is perhaps the most beautiful creation of nature never do. It has the characteristics correspond to the most beautiful and heart. Independent catalogs of breed, size and shape of the cultural and climatic conditions, women were considered the best qualities associated  with people รข € "patience, inner strength, unconditional love, perseverance, and as a suite." However, the expansion of imperialism and the ideas of white superiority  and black women, lost in particular in reducing design black women. For the skin,  black high melanin at the end of the African population in the strong sunlight.  Protected black, despite the tax on sensitive skin, at the age of only very slowly on the white skin of the Caucasus very vulnerable to damage and aging. Women of African descent have long been  in the care of her makeup was needed and the skin, the skin of the Caucasus with the spirit and skin color, facial features and their needs neglected. Fortunately, our days of cosmetics, particularly skin-friendly and produces and  sells African hair. However, there are some beauty tips for black women should know better  and avoid skin and hair  all the problems of beauty.  Here are some tips for beautiful black women.


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