Friday, 6 July 2012

Beauty Tips For Hair

Would you look trendy and attractive? Wear beautiful hair. Find important tips to keep your hair shiny and healthy.

1) Food Habit: It is the most important aspect for the health of the hair. Take green vegetables, fresh fruit and juice. Choose milk and fresh dairy yogurt. Try pieces of coconut in food, in salads and meals. Make excuses for processed foods and canned items.

2) Stress: Stress is an antagonist of the natural hair color and health. Welcome to relaxation techniques like meditation or music therapy.

3) Natural Product Avoid synthetically produced products and instead use natural or herbal products. Take shampoo at least three times a week. Use natural cleanser and conditioner. Use fresh lemon juice for extra shine to the hair. Coconut oil is a positive alternative.

4) Oil Message: Massage with warm oil at least 2-3 times per week. It helps to hydrate the scalp. Use coconut oil or almond oil and make use of the fingers for massaging the scalp, and at least one hour before the shampoo session. Scalp massage helps to relax and get a good amount of sleep as well. People may have gained by massaging mustard oil for hair thickening.

5) Brushing: Using comb on wet hair is strictly prohibited. Use long toothed comb to her clear-confuse. It is better to use in place wooden combs. Try deep conditioning treatment on your hair once a week.

6) Scalp: You need to keep the scalp in an excellent condition. Use circular motion during shampoo and massaging the scalp. Healthy circulation generates a feeling of relaxation. Use lukewarm water for shampoo. Avoid blow drying the hair. If you need special hair styling, use it for a little while, and with herbal moisturizer. Oily scalp keeps dirt and dust. Use natural conditioner on the hair tips. Use water-based conditioner for weak hair. You can use vinegar and water use as the hair is dry. Avoid tying the hair tightly, but stretches the hair too much.


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