Thursday, 24 March 2011

window curtain designs

If you are looking to jazz up a dull pair of curtains, there are several ways to take them from plain to picturesque. By adding or removing fabric, adding decorative touches, re-coloring or layering curtains, you can freshen them up. Use colors and decorations that match or complement the existing design of the room. The right window treatment can help tie the whole room together--and it doesn't have to be expensive or time-consuming to create
Most rooms will benefit from some sort of curtain design at the windows to provide softness and decoration. If you're looking for a simpler modern style then you may decide to leave your window as it is, but even then the window may be enhanced by a top treatment.
Curtain History:
The golden age of curtain design was the nineteenth century. Any house which was considered respectable would have had over curtains, under curtains, shades and/or shutters, together with a valance or cornice box (pelmet).
An alternative way was to drape fabric on a substantial pole with heavy rings and ornate finials. Fringes and tie backs were also common, with many of the fringes quite elaborate.

With the changes in taste, style, finance and window size a whole range of curtain design options is available to us today. The elaborate treatments as described above are still used for formal rooms in large houses. But curtains can still make all the difference to a room if they are carefully and tastefully installed.


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