Thursday, 24 March 2011

Kitchen Curtain Designs

When it comes to kitchen Decor, curtains play a major role in accentuating the kitchen. Thus, the selection of kitchen curtains is of utmost importance. When you go about shopping curtains for kitchen, there are lots of things that demand your attention, like the texture, motif, color, design and of course practicality of the curtain. Don't just get fascinated by the styling or designing, but also check out if the curtain that you want to buy can be easily cleaned or if it requires lot of attention and time to be spent on its maintenance.

Amidst all, you also need to bear in mind, the theme of your kitchen, so as to ensure the harmonious look. Buying what seems attractive is not enough, it is also vital to ensure that each and every piece of decoration or furnishing that you choose to adorn your kitchen with, goes well with the theme of the kitchen. Not to forget that, mismatching can mar the whole look. If you have decorated your kitchen in the country style, don't pick up new age design curtains from the market. Read to know about the kitchen curtain ideas.
Here's some guidelines on what curtain designs you may want to pick for your kitchen decoration.Tiered curtains are one of your classic kitchen curtain designs, with a top valance and then a valance type curtain that hangs from the middle of the window so that light comes in from the top, but the bottom part can be closed for privacy. This type of curtain goes best with a country style kitchen and can also go with rooster, grapes or almost any kind of theme. If you pick the right fabric, like a lacy or sheer it can also look good with a Victorian or even French country.
Swag curtains are similar to the tiered curtain designs except the top portion is longer on the edges so it hangs down around the frame of the window. This type goes well with the same designs as the tiered but is a little fancier in design.
A Scarf type curtain drapes over the top of the window on a fancy rod and hangs down the sides, usually to the floor. This type of curtain usually requires a heavier fabric and goes well with a heavier type of kitchen style such as an Italian kitchen or perhaps a modern style kitchen. Scarfs are usually used in a living room or dining room, but if you have a combo style kitchen you could probably incorporate them in there as well.
Valance style curtain designs are simple curtains that slide into a rod and hang down from the top of the window about 2 feet or so. This style is great if you want to let in lots of light from your window. You can buy a valance in many types of fabric which allow it to coordinate with almost any kitchen design.
Panels hang down the side of the window either to the bottom of the sill or the floor. You can have panels that hang on a rod, or tab top panels. These styles of curtain designs can work in almost any kitchen depending on the fabric you choose. For a modern kitchen, a more modern type of fabric in a solid color will work better. A country kitchen might look nice with a gingham or flowered design. Some of the tab top curtains can be dressed up with little buttons on the tabs to further enhance your decor.


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