Saturday, 26 May 2012

Sparrow Tattoos

Sparrows  can mean all / any of the following: eternity, happiness, innocence. Sparrows  are also known to travel great distances, but always returned home. The way the sparrow is pictured also defines a lot about the  'meaning.
Sparrows symbolize love, commitment and trust. Sparrows mate for life and will always return home no matter how far they travel. They should always be tattooed in pairs. Sparrow tattoos are often confused with Blue swallows. Swallows were often tattooed on sailors for a safe return home to symbolize. When a sailor saw a swallow at sea, he knew he was near land. If the swallow is tattooed on the top of the seaman's chest near his shoulder, it represents 5,000 nautical miles hazards.


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